Shoreline exhibition design & build

The Port Creative are delighted to be appointed designers for Edinburgh Shoreline – an exciting, new, community centred initiative celebrating the city’s 27km coastline.

We love living in Edinburgh and enjoy all the magnificent architecture, green space and facilities within the city’s truly unique cityscape. However, it’s interesting to think that the capital doesn’t seem to think of itself as a coastal city, instead facing inward towards the castle and the hills.

The challenge for this exhibition design was to successfully increase the visitor’s understanding and knowledge of the shoreline and to engage those who live and work here on a daily basis to think about how its future will look like and how the coastline matters to them.

The Shoreline Exhibition ran from 23 June to 28 October, 2018 at the John Hope Gateway, RBGE. Using a strong creative theme that brought together all the various elements of Edinburgh City’s shoreline we delivered an exciting and scalable visitor experience that included a level of interaction and storyline/trail specifically for children to engage with within the exhibition space.

"... Speaking of numbers it would remiss not to mention that over 40,000 visitors rolled up to see an exhibition about the project at the Botanics base in Edinburgh." Green Infrastructure Scotland