CoE – Strengthening National Child Participation Frameworks and Action in Europe

CoE – Strengthening National Child Participation Frameworks and Action in Europe

Graphic design, illustration, animation and art direction

Its fantastic to be working with the Council of Europe Children’s Rights Division and over the years we’ve been involved in many interesting and innovative projects, none more so than ‘Strengthening National Child Participation Frameworks and Action in Europe’.

This project was based around a human-centered design process with the aim of motivating decision makers to work with children and young people in their processes.

Leaving children out of decision-making processes leads to ineffective policies that fall short of meeting the needs of young people and addressing their problems. Many adults in decision making positions do not have the time, skills or awareness to include young people’s voices in their processes, which results in a lost opportunity to deepen children’s interest in social issues and connect to their duties as responsible citizens.

Interviews were conducted with the five country partners (Slovenia, Portugal, Iceland, Finland, Czech Republic) in March 2022. These included members of civil society organizations as well as government employees. The primary audience was identified because it is the most influential for the problem and there have been few communication plans to reach out to them, but they are also fewer in numbers than the secondary audience. Therefore, by creating some messages about relatable everyday situations, we can reach a broad spectrum of people (primary and secondary audiences). Two of the 4-panel comics below speak to teachers and two speak more generally to adults with decision-making power. Although children are not the target audience for this campaign, indeed they may benefit indirectly from the messaging.

Media delivered:

1. Four short 30 second animations

2. Four Vignettes in the form of a 4-panel comic strip (for social media and/or as a printable poster)

3. Single-frame social media panels