JRS Knowhow – Brand identity and web design

JRS Knowhow

Branding, graphic design, web design and build, illustration and art direction

JRS Knowhow is a social enterprise start-up of JustRight Scotland. Their vision is a Scotland where people understand their rights and how to protect them. Where organisations understand their legal duties to promote equality and join us on a journey towards a fairer, more equal and inclusive society.

The Port was commissioned to design the brand identity and website for this new organisation. We created a new logotype incorporating an aspirational human figure icon and faceted star, representing the wide range of services on offer. It has a clear link with the wider JustRight Scotland portfolio but illustrates quite clearly this is something new. To accompany the logo, I developed a range of pictograms and illustrations that represent the accessible, inclusive and fun digital learning experiences offered by this new social enterprise. The visual language populates the new website and will be used throughout future compositions.