Rune Gin Label design

Label design for Cairn’s Exclusive Drinks

After tracking his family genealogy back to around 1514 in Scotland, founder, George Cairns had his DNA analysed. The first four markers were Swedish, Norwegian, Danish and Finnish. He is a Viking. To celebrate this revelation and as a homage to his Nordic heritage he crafted Rune Gin by infusing it with key botanicals blueberry, heather and bog myrtle.

The Port Creative researched various Nordic concept territories which included Norse mythology, Viking Art motifs and the runic alphabet. The final design combines a bold Gebo Rune letter (‘Gift’ and ‘G’ for George) together with an illustration of the 3 botanicals that infuse Rune Gin. This intertwining circular pattern is reminiscent of the Norwegian Urnes pattern, one of the 6 major styles of Viking art, and the Norse mythological Tree of Life. The type was also re-drawn to reflect the personality of the Rune alphabet letterforms.

Made using a Cotton Touch with Sterling Silver Foil and a Tactile Screen over the Rune Gin name.

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